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Today’s news you might’ve missed:

  • HBO has yet to suck all the life from flagship series “True Blood.” The network is bringing the series back for a seventh season in summer 2014.
  • Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington is going to pull double-duty this year. The singer is going to perform with both the Stone Temple Pilots, as they gear up for a tour that will start in September, and with his own band.
  • Leighton Meester has turned the art of portraying a high school mean girl into a science, but she sadly won’t be reprising her role of Carrie Bishop in the “Veronica Mars” movie. Instead, the part’s going to Twin Sister singer Andrea Estella. [EW]
  • Here’s a bit of good “Veronica Mars” news, though: Rob Thomas…

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Are all women crazy, or just the ones on the internet?


Me parecio demasiado bueno para no compartirlo! ha ha ha

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Today I am a muddled mess.  I have so many things running around… no.  That’s not right.  I have so many ideas mud wrestling in my brain right now that I can’t distinguish one thought from another.  My stream of consciousness has been diverted in so many different directions that my brain is now swampland.  Hence the mud wrestling.  Watch out for leeches!

I have mud wrestled, btw, and it is not easy.  My family got kind of crazy at a graduation party once, and now there’s pictures floating around of my cousin nearly drowning me in a puddle.  Ahhh, good times. : )  I almost jello wrestled at a club for a $100 prize, but then I remembered how bad I was at mud wrestling.  Oh well.

Anyhow, I have decided that I am completely normal.  Don’t scoff – it’s true!  Based on the lives of my family members and seudo-friends, as well…

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